where my passion for art developed

Raised in a small town in north-central Wisconsin, an average day -- rain, snow, shine -- was spent outdoors. Instantly, I had a respect and love for nature and still do today. This has brought to my attention the beauty that surrounds us. I truely feel that this exposure has made me the free-spirited individual that I am today.

Anytime I get a chance to pick up my pencils and draw or snap a moment in time with my camera, the subject matter always ends up being an element of nature. I love to draw flowers because of their intricate details -- both structured and irregular. I love to photograph landscapes and details of landscapes because of their formations and flow. The things we sometimes ignore and disregard as being just normal surroundings are what can bring us peace and happiness.

Now you might ask...What does this have to do with you being a graphic designer? Through these experiences, I really discovered that it's not simply nature or art that I desire but the pattern and structural organization that these subjects create and reveal. As a graphic designer, I can take the organic structure that I admire in nature and apply it to my creative designs. The harmony of colors, formations and flow are all elements that I use in the creation of every design and piece of art. In this order, alignment and familiarity, I find comfort and true joy.

“The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and
that we take for granted are truly wondrous!”

this is my art

Art is my opportunity to challenge ordinary, everyday visual objects by changing the standard view and emphasizing a concentrated detail. I embrace the opportunity to challenge an audience to think about what is being expressed through the composition of a design. I spend my time exploring spatial depth, constructing layers of manipulated images of the common objects that flood our lives. I try to bring them close enough that the viewer is required to investigate them, maybe not for their expected purpose but for their ambiguous charm. My treatment is not to distort the form but to present it in a distinctive manner. Being a graphic artist allows me to use my examination of preconceived objects to develop a fresh design.